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  Kyoung-Hye Lee

Ubiquitous Database Lab.
Ewha Institute of Science & Technology
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Ewha Womans University

11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, seoul, 120-750, Korea (ROK)
Tel: +82 2-3277-3510
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:: Research Interest    
Thesis Title :  The storage techniques and evaluation for the PDTnet XML schema data
PDTnet XML Schema is an international standard for PDM(Product Data Management) data exchange as a semistructured data which reference are irregular and unbounded elements are occurred. Therefore, to handle these data efficiently, important factors are what do we use storage devices and storage techniques. We developed storage techniques and application supporting various query types and preserving PDTnet XML Schema using a relational database concept guaranteeing the performance nowadays. These storage techniques minimize repeated data as PDTnet XML Schema that is irregular and unbounded structure store to Relational Data model and optimize query processing by using application.
:: Previous Project    
Title : Development of Automatic Analysis System for Agricultural Genomes (2004.1. ~ 2004.11.)
Abstract : To share the Agricultural Genomes, we analyzed the XML standard format of genomes and evaluated. And we gave a definition of them. We developed XML converter among several Standard formats and RDB to XML converter software. Futhermore we investigated the connection with the regacy database and developed the prototype system which connected with the genomes. We made the GUI tool for users of Agricultural genome information and integrated the other programs which are made from another teams. We provided the system which is based on web-service and testified the usefulness.
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Title : Database Based Data Link Layer Design (2005.1. ~ 2005.6.)
Abstract : In this project, we developed new storage techniques that can manage and query PDTnet XML schema on Relational Database and evaluated the database size and query performance. We developed storage methods that can query multi-referred set attribute correctly for PDTnet XML schema data.
By using these storage methods, we stored the PDM data into RDB and measured the query performance. We measured the time of insertion, deletion, update, joining, grouping and sorting of data and then compared the results of two storage methods. And we developed RDB to XML file converter. The results of query can be converted to XML.
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